Thursday, June 22

Tired me!

Yesterday my son and I went to the city. He had a dental check up. That went much better than expected! They got to look at his teeth, and almost got x-rays done.

Today we had to be back at the city at 6:30; and he went into the OR at 8:00. That's the only way to get dental work done on him; knock him out. Three hours later he was done. We didn't get out of the hospital until 3:00!!!

Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk, and found The Loop. It's a yarn store in Halifax. If I wasn't so darn tired I'd give you a link to it - do a good search, you should find it :) Thanks to Arianna for telling me about the store. Troy wasn't in much of a looking mood, so I didn't get too look as much as I would have liked to - but I also didn't spend any money :) (good thing, I had none to spend!)

We delivered 1900 puppets to the hospital; which they were thrilled to get.

Had to park the truck in the hospital parking lot last night because the parking lot at the place we stayed was full. Which meant we had no way of getting anywhere last night; so we stayed in the hotel room and relaxed.

That's it, I'm wiped!


Mary Anne said...


so nice to have you back and I'm glad everything went as well as could be. take care of yourself, kiddo.

Laura said...

Sounds like you're going to need some solid R&R, so take care!