Friday, June 9

Renaming our daughter

Her name is now "Girl with Horseshoe up Butt". Seriously, I don't know anyone as lucky as her.

I've told you about the four leaf clovers, right? Well, those little green things paid off today. And in a pretty big way.

CKBW (the "local" radio station) had a treasure chest contest here. Local businesses donated prizes which were placed in a treasure chest. (well, they aren't there yet, but will be by the end of the weekend) Each business that participated had a bucket for people to enter their names for the free draw. Katie's name was chosen from the local flower shop. Our friend picked her name out :)

Today hubby had to take our son to school. Son's PSA says to him "Did Katie win something on CKBW this morning?". He had no idea. We didn't hear anything. We were under the impression that the treasure chest thing was like last year, when each contestant got a key, and then the lucky person got to unlock the chest.

Not this year. This year they drew a name to see who won.

This year they drew Katie's name!

The prizes that we know of so far are a chainsaw, a small generator, a tent, a CD player, a floating phone, flowers, and gift certificates. We are told there is about $2000 worth of prizes for her. :) WOW!! There will be 15-20 prizes by the time she gets to claim her prize on Tuesday afternoon.

Guess Dad gets a couple of nice Father's Day gifts :)


lexa said...

Congratulations to her! What a lucky girl! Wish some of her luck would rub off on me - I could use it!

Mary Anne said...


yay for Katie! and for Dad! and anyone else who gets to share in the prizes! way to go.
mary anne

Donna said...

Congratulations to Miss Katie. I think horseshoes would be a good nickname. I have absolutely no luck so it is nice when someone I know ( through this blog) wins something!!

Laura said...

This is your family's year for "winning", so go for it, Dorothy! Congrats to Katie.