Sunday, July 2

Happy Canada Day, part 2

We spent yesterday at our local exhibition grounds. The horse club had a fun day, and there was ox hauling in another area. Lots of fun, sun and cheer going around.

Katie rode in about 15 different races. Different patterns than they have at exhibition. It was good for her, got her to learn new things. And it got her a bit more used to riding on Dee. We got there around 9, and got home at 6 - a long fun day!

People were very impressed with our new horse :)

I was in the canteen most of the day, but did get to sit outside in the afternoon; got a bit of a burn on my shoulders; which will fade to a tan soon.

This afternoon we plan to go to the beach, then to a friends house for a BBQ.

Tomorrow there is nothing planned. Tuesday Troy has his first summer rec dept activity; a day spent at Islands Park doing stuff in the nature there. Don't know how he'll make out, but hope he'll be OK. Weds we go to the city for an appt. (Donna, could we stop by on the way to or from to pick up finger puppet yarn?) Thursday and Friday he goes to the park again.

That's it for now.

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Donna said...

I will be glad to have you come pick up the yarn. I will be more likely to be around on your trip home. I am assuming it is will be in the afternoon. Send me your email address and I can give you directions.