Tuesday, July 11

Happy Birthday to Me

Yup, it's my birthday. 39 Next year it's going to be "39 again"!!!

Mary Anne sent me a lovely little knitting book and some cotton yarn. I then used some of the cotton yarn to knit some face cloths for my SIL; who also happens to have a birthday today. Another of my SIL's gave me a little clay angel with July on it. Hubby and kids gave me a smoothie maker - it even has the little spout thing on it for getting the smoothie out - just like the "big machines" LOL He also built the BBQ/firepit for us, and made me a clothespin holder. Jan and Elizabeth are kidnapping me and taking me out for supper tonight.

I'm gave myself appts to get a massage and see the chiropractor today. Nothing like torture on your birthday :)

I know of 2 other people with b-days today, and two couples with wedding anniversary's today. It's a popular date!

I'm working on making 6 Loopy Appaloosa facecloths for our horse club. They will go in the gift bags that the youngest riders will get at the end of the week.

Guess that's it for now.

Forgot to tell you that I stopped in at NovaKnitters last Weds and picked up some yarn that she was giving to us for finger puppets. She was as nice in person as she is on her blog. And what nice yarn. Our daughter has fallen in love with some of the sock yarn.

Heading to the city again tomorrow; but this time I'm bringing my cousin home to surprise Mom :)

Update - we went out to supper at a family run restaurant. I had a hot chicken sandwich - without the bread. Elizabeth gave me a nice little notebook that I had admired the last time I was in the store she works at. Jan gave me a ball of Austermann Step yarn. Not sure if that is the correct name of it or not. It's sock yarn with aloe in it. I'm about to cast on a pair of socks for me; you know, I need something to work on in the hospital tomorrow!!

Good night!

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lexa said...

Happy birthday!

I'll have to give Donna my leftovers to give you next time you pass through.