Wednesday, July 12


Last night at 1:40 God decided to have fireworks to celebrate my birthday. Wasn't that nice of Him? :)

What a storm it was. 45 minues of thunder and lightening. At times the backyard was lit up brighter than daylight. Or at least it seemed that way. Troy slept through it all, Katie slept through about half of it. I sure didn't sleep through it!! Hubby would have slept through it, except us girls woke him up :)

Off to the city again today. Last trip for a while I hope.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Edited to add:
No change in Troy's glasses :) Took a while for them to be able to give him an eye exam though - he hates visits to there!!

Went to Value Village and got a bag of yarn. It contained an almost complete skein of Opal sock yarn, a complete skein of snowflake yarn, and two skeins of ?? acrylic (for finger puppets). The cost?? 99 cents!!!

Got my b-day gift from my friend. An Eeyore sweatshirt (won't be wearing that for a while!), a teddy bear, and a pair of "how clean is your house" type rubber gloves. Picture to come sometime.

Got my cousin home, surprised Mom :)

Now I'm tired!


lexa said...

Wasn't that something last night? Our fire department got called to a house that was struck by lightening, but I don't think anything really happened (thankfully). We didn't hear the pager go off because of our window fan, but the fire trucks woke us up - so hubby made it after all! Our bedroom TV wasn't work right this morning. I don't know if it's better now or not. The kids were watching TV in there, and it looked okay when I passed through. I thought the storm maybe gave it a power surge and messed it up.

Dorothy said...

terrible weather! But, not as bad as the 4 hour one my cousin had in NB; complete with tornado!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday and many more, but not necessarily with middle of the night fireworks, LOL.

Barbara said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope it was wonderful. Sounds like you received lots of nice gifts!