Thursday, February 3

Happy Day After Groundhog Day

We're still shoveling out. So much snow. And the snowblower isn't working :( Hubby was able to get out the driveway to go to work this morning. I was working on the mailbox area when the guy came to plow across the road from us. Got him to do a few swipes of our driveway ... for $5. Most people would charge $20 for that. I was a happy lady.
But, on the down side ... I did do a bit too much shoveling, and hurt my shoulder a bit.
I have finished a pair of socks this year - no pictures yet.
I'm still working on the frozen leaves shawl; really enjoying it.
We've got a new item that we are selling - hand crafted wooden toboggans.


lexa said...

This is too much snow for my likings. I've been out three times with our snowblower. Dad came by this morning with the loader from work and swiped the plow bank in front of my car, that made life easier. My arms are so sore! Once that rain mixed in with it in the afternoon it got so heavy.

Donna M said...

Great looking toboggan! Too bad my days of sledding are over!