Sunday, February 27

It's Done

40 minutes ago I cast off the final stitch of the Frozen Leaves Shawl.

Now I need to find a place to block it.

No pictures yet, because right now it doesn't look like much. Pictures once it is blocked, I promise.

Next on the needles will be a shawl for the shawl exchange I am in on Ravelry. Can't post any details of it though, because my partner might decide to snoop at my blog. I hope she will like it.

Still working on thrummed socks, and my socks.

The knitting group I go to is knitting clothes for Groovy Girl dolls, and for teddy bears. Once we are done we will give them to the Library where we meet, and they will sell tickets on them. One of our members has created some really neat clothes for them. So far I haven't made anything. Now that the shawl is done I'll make something.

Have a good day

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