Friday, March 4


The Frozen Leaves Shawl :)

Today is was finally non-windy enough that I could get a sheet of styrofoam home to block the shawl. Well, most of the way home ... it did break :( But the piece that survived was big enough to block the shawl on. Then I sat it in front of a nice sunny windown to dry. I'm quite pleased with it :)

And looking forward to the next one. The next one will be a shawl for an exchange .. then Northern Lights is calling to me.

Tomorrow a friend and I are planning a Frenchy's shopping trip. Looking forward to that.

Have a good weekend


Toutoune98 said...

Wow!!! Really nice!!!

lexa said...


It's so windy here all the time lately, isn't it? Hard to hang laundry out, it wraps all around the line or blows off.

Donna M said...

Nice job on the shawl. Looks like you have the lace itch now!

Heddy said...

That's beautiful Dorothy!