Wednesday, March 23

On my needles now

is this project.
Knitting it for a lady in the knitting group I go to. She started it, but was having a hard time with it. I wanted to knit it; love the pattern ... but it's not something I would wear... so I'd never knit one for myself. So, I offered to knit hers for her.
I'll post pictures of hers when I get a chance :)
Forgot to tell you, it's the Waves and Ripples Shrug in Knitter's Magazine Spring, 2010. I'm using 4.5mm needles, and a 2ply yarn; not sure what the yarn is, there were no labels with it when I got it. 282 stitches/row

(picture taken from internet)

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Donna M said...

What a great idea! I often knit things I love but wouldn't wear and then give them away as Christmas gifts!

Love the pattern!