Monday, February 21

In trouble again

Well, seems to mee I'm in trouble for not posting enough. So, here it is, a posting :)

I'm laid up today. My right knee hurts a lot. Was to outpaitents last night, and the doctor thinks it is arthritis. I think I want to see my own doctor and get his opinion. I know I won't be putting up with this pain for long!! I'm not happy hurting so much that it's hard to walk.

But, on the plus side, I'm knitting on the Frozen Leaves Shawl. 22 pattern repeats in each row. Right now each section has 28 stitches in it. Yup, 616 stitches in the last row I did!! And it's still slowly growing!! Only 20 rows left to go though. Looking forward to being finished ... so I can start a new one :)

I joined a small shawl exchange online, in a Ravelry group. Looking forward to working on that one. Think I might use beads on it. Not going to tell too much about it, incase my partner in the swap decides to read here.

I'm also working on 2 pair of thrummed socks/slippers that were ordered, and a pair of socks for me.

Have a good one!!

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Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You mean someone besides me harasses you about not posting?? LOL
Hope your knee feels better. And I hope it's not arthritis. Yikes.