Saturday, June 4

A quick update

Sorry, no knitting pictures. They are on the computer .... somewhere. I can't find them :(

But, this is a picture of our son, Troy, and his b-day gift from my sister and her friend.

It's a '77 Mustang. V-8 302 engine, dual exhaust. And that's all the techincal stuff I know about it :) It's loud. It's a muscle car.

I've been busy. I got a temp full-time job at Lockeport Elementary School as a PSA; 6 weeks of work. But this working full time thing is tiring me out.

I haven't felt like knitting much ... hope that changes!! I've got a pair of tow-up socks on the go, some scrap dishclothes, a purple shawl and a peacock colored shawl. Not liking the pattern I picked for the peacock colored shawl ... going to take it out and look for another one. Think I need one without a lot of pattern in it, the yarn is quite busy.

And, I ordered The Big Book of Knitted Monsters for myself. I'm in a Ravelry group for these monsters, and have knit the three free patterns and liked them. I got one of the "real" monsters in an exchange, and love her. OH, I know where there is a picture of me and Tulip

Off I go, time to get ready to go to the Farmer's Market.


Donna M said...

Great car! Lucky boy!
Hope you get your knitting mojo back soon!

lexa said...

Are you serious that THAT car is his birthday gift?!?!? Holy cow, wouldn't I love to get a gift like that!! I'll have to show this to Hubs, he'll drool. He had a 1970 Camaro, red and white, and he sold it shortly after we bought this house we are in now (so around 2002/03). He's regretted it ever since.

Mary Anne said...

Nice car! I love your monster, he's so cute.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Good to see you posting again. Do it some more!