Saturday, July 16

What's new???

Well, let's see. Not much :)

Since my last post I've been to a WWKIP event in Lockeport. That was a fun time. About 25 of us at the Lockeport beach centre knitting away. My horoscope that day said I'd be spending time around people with a similar interest as me, and that I'd make a new friend. Did both :) Found a new hair dresser too. (she sells Opal sock yarn!!)

I had my b-day. Hubby gave me a gift certificate for a shampoo/cut/color and 2 balls of sock yarn. My friend gave me a book (House Rules by Jodi Picoult - good book so far) and an earring/necklace set. My SIL gave me a book, jam and bath stuff. One of my lilies came into bloom that day as well.

Tomorrow is Troys first car show with his mustang. He and dad have been washing and polishing it. He bought a little tool kit to keep in the car.

My friend Mary Anne introduced me to a nice scarf pattern this morning. I think it's called the one row scarf ... something like that. See "Miss Wooly Knits" over there in the side bar ... click it, go check hers out. She has the pattern linked (which I am too lazy to do at the moment LOL), plus she has some pretty amazing pictures on her blog to look at.

Guess that's it for this quick update. I really really mean to post more ... but there's that lazy thing again :)

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