Wednesday, January 3


I'm confused. More than normal! Just had a little post typed up, went to add a picture to it, and lost everything. Grrr. Maybe I don't like the changes blogger made? worked perfectly this time.
The picture is of a scrollsawed sign I made for friend of ours for Christmas. The cat ornament is one that our daughter designed and I cut it out for her. I think she has a future as a designer :) And please note that it's not a horse - she is slightly horse crazy!
I've been doing some knitting; but not much. Working on a pair of socks for my mom - at least I think they will be hers - I might claim them for myself yet. I knit a headband sort of thing for mself, it's in the newest online issue of knitty - I weren't so darn lazy I'd post a link to the pattern. But I'm lazy today. Calomitery or something like that is the name of it. Really easy knit, and keeps the ears nice and warm.
Guess that's it for now.


Mary Anne said...

it's good to see you posting again. Happy New Year! Love the sign and the kitty.

Laura said...

Happy New Year to you, Dorothy!

Donna said...

Glad to hear you are still knitting. The kitty is cute! She is a good designer.

lexa said...

Welcome back to the Land of Blog! I wondered what happened to you! Long time, no post!

I love the little kitty -- I think she's a great designer. (I'm a cat freak.) I like your sign, too. (I drink diet Coke.)