Wednesday, January 17


Boy is it ever cold out there!! Just fed the horses, and my nose froze. It's so cold it hurts to breath the air in.

Hubby drove the kids to school this morning. They are so upset that there is school today. There are three counties in our school board - the other two counties schools are closed; only ours is open. Yesterday it seemed like two of the counties in our area were the only schools open in NS. My daughter thinks someone is picking on them :)

I've been knitting pocketbook slippers. Will try to remember to take a picture later. Finished off 5 brown varietgated ones last night; which combined with the ones I already had done gives me 3.5 pairs of them - but really only 3 pairs because I just discovered a hole in one of the older ones this morning; so it's getting tossed. Now I have a smaller pair on the go for a young friend of mine.

I'm also working on a pair of thrummed mittens for a man at work. And a pair of socks for myself. Must pick a project to take to work with me today - since I'll have knitting time as I walk the hallways at lunchtime.

Stay warm!!!


Mary Anne said...

I like your new template - very nice and different. Enjoy the snow and cold temps.

lexa said...

I like the new look! Yes, our kids lucked out with two days off in a row. I planned on driving the oldest one today because of the extreme cold. I'd definitely not be one to live in Winnipeg or up north. Too cold for my likings! I hate winter.