Monday, February 19

The weekend, day 5

The kids are on day 5 of the weekend. A weekend that started on Weds at lunchtime. They have had 4 whole days of school, and 2 days when they were sent home at lunctime - and the month is half over!

To be fair, they are predicting 20cm of snow for us today.

Really have to take a picture of my recent sock creations to post. Will do that today sometime; I promise!

Had some friends up to watch the Daytona on the big screen last night. I spent the time in the dining area doing some cross stitch, then the grown-ups played hearts. I'm the official "dump on" person when we play hearts - so guess who lost. Me. It was a good evening. The race had no appeal to me at all.

Well, must go figure out what to do with the kids today.

Have a good one!

Just got an email from a friend of mine. Her daughter had some surgery at the IWK in Halifax 2 weeks ago. There is a Ronald MacDonald Room there; fireplace, computers, games and full kitchen. She would like to knit and donate some brightly colored dishcloths to the room. I'm going to knit some for her to take, anyone want to join me?? Cloths or yarn greatly appreciated!! Thanks!


Mary Anne said...

I hope you survive the snow and the school holidays :)

lexa said...

We got about 15cm of snow today, the most we've had all year. Everyone says as soon as you hit Sable River there's snow, and the closer you get to Yarmouth the deeper the snow gets! I'm actually going to get to use the snowblower tomorrow if I can find the key.

I watched the race, but I didn't find it interesting til towards the end, when all the accidents started happening. I was screaming at the end, though. I wanted Mark Martin to win since he's been in like 23 of them and never won one. He was so close. I like it when someone wins it that has never won one before.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hi Dorothy,
what kind of yarn are you looking for? I still have quite a bit for donation to a good cause, but most of it is acrylic.