Sunday, February 11


This afternoon we went sledding at my Mom's house. 29 people and one dog were there. Fun was had by all. Here's a few pictures.

Baby Mary in the pink. Four months old and out on the hill. Here she is being held by cousin Tabitha, and then on an inner tube with cousin Logan. And yes, they did go down the hill on that thing! Slowest ride Logan took all day. Tabitha chased them the whole way down just to be extra safe. We think she liked it. :)

Here's Troy and Katie on the hill. Katie wore her helmet - which turned out to be a good thing, because she later steered herself into a tree. Silly girl! :)

Look closely at this picture, you'll see Mary's snowsuit just below Logan's elbow - proof that they did go down the hill.

Have a good one!


Mary Anne said...


looks like you all had a fun day with the sledding. How cool that Mary was able to go for a ride! Smart Katie, wearing her helmet :)

lexa said...

Looks like everyone had fun, especially the littlest one!

Donna said...

A fun day was had by all. You must have more snow than we do if you can sled in it. We would be in the grass much of the way here.