Wednesday, February 7


Here are Katie's fish. Swordtails and Guppies. She had the tank, and has had goldfish in the past, but they kept dying on her. We had a beta who lived for 2 days. She got the fish for Christmas from Uncle Tom, and they are still alive and healthy :)

The two cute little kittens are Little Miss Boots (Boots) and Joey. They aren't related, but are about the same age. They go on Friday to be spayed and neutered. Boots belongs to Troy, Joey belongs to Katie.

Mary Anne wanted some snow pictures, so these next two are for her. Tiny and Dee in the snow. They found some hay that had been buried by the snow, and were not interested in posing for pictures at this moment.
The last picture is the oak tree in our front yard, with snow on the branches.
Next time I'll try to get some knitting pictures to put up.


lexa said...

Cute animals! I always had a hard time keeping fish alive.

Mary Anne said...

Yay, snow pictures! Love the horses and kitties and fish.

Jennifer said...

So is Joey the cat that you had just got last time I was up? They seem to be getting along much better if it is.