Monday, February 5


Friday school was cancelled because a storm was coming - it didn't come.

Today there is lots of snow falling, the roads are slightly messy, and there was school. Mind you they did get out an hour early because of the snow.

I'll post some snow pictures later on.

I did inventory at a local store on the weekend. 17 hours. I went Saturday evening, Sunday and again this morning for a couple of hours. Man there's a lot of stuff in that store to count!!

Today is the first day of the walking challenge. Still want to try to figure out how to keep a tally of steps in the sidebar - but I need to look for something to do what I want rather than just think about it :) By lunch time I was up to roughly 4000 steps - I was doing an "inventory dance" to increase my steps LOL

I'm in the mood to make soup, and would you believe I have no soup making ingredients in the house. I am not a person to just throw some stuff in a pot and make a yummy soup; I have a few standards that I make and that's it. No variation on the theme. What I really want is some of that cabbage soup that is practically calorie free - I like that stuff.

Gee, now I'm hungry!



Mary Anne said...

yumm, cabbage soup sounds yummy! yay for you with your 4000+ steps, kiddo. and enjoy the snow while you can.

Donna said...

Snow and cold today! Even the dog wouldn't go for a walk this morning! Congrats on starting your walking challenge!

lexa said...

Last Friday my oldest was supposed to have an inservice. Since school was cancelled he now has this Friday off, too. I was surprised that there was school on Monday. My road was white when I got up. Guess they figured since they cancelled Friday they better not Monday, too. I can't wait for this cold snap to pass!