Monday, October 25

The cat came back

We thought it was a gonna, but it just couldn't stay away. (Fred Penner song, I think)

It's Monday early afternoon. Haven't seen our cat since Saturday morning sometime. I was starting to get worried and upset. She's the last of 3 cats. Really didnt' want to think that she may have gone across the road and gotten hit by a car. (no, not that again!!)

I got home from work at 1, and heard a Meow out of our bedroom. The door was shut, so I opened it, and there was the cat.

Called hubby at work, and said all happy like "Bear Cat is home!". "Oh, really?" "Didn't you shut her in the bedroom?" "No"

Soooo. The bedroom door is shut, and the cat was in there. I know she didn't open the door and get in herself; so that means she had to have been in there. But where in there??? Has she been in there since sometime on Saturday, sneaking out to use the litter box while we were sleeping or out?

Stranger yet, I saw her heading back towards our bedroom. So I followed to see where she went; and she's not in sight!

Do we have a porthole to another dimension somewhere in our bedroom? Has she rigged up a "beam me up Scotty" device that we don't know about? Where does she go???? Anyone got a little camera I can put on her collar next time I see her??

Off to do some knitting now.

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Mary Anne said...

The cat came back. They thought it was a goner
but the cat came back; it just wouldn't stay awaaaay....

I love that song and video, Dorothy. So you have a cat with magical powers. Hmmm. Check his whiskers. Maybe he has more than the usual number. Could be he's sending signals from them. Ok, my imagination is working overtime. I'm just glad he's back safe and sound.