Wednesday, October 6

Chocolate Chip Cookies

What is it about them? Why do most people like them; home made is definately better though. And why is it that when you are in a rotten mood, making chocolate chip cookies can cheer you up a bit? Is it that smell? The raw cookie dough that you just HAVE to taste? The chocolate? The fact that you are making something special for that family that loves you (or is it loves to annoy you??)

Anyway; it's been a busy few days here, and my nerves are sort of shot. Today I yelled at my hubby; but it made him realize how much I've been going through lately; maybe. I'm physically and mentally exhausted. Troy (our son) has been a handfull lately. Makes me wonder how other Mom's survive!

So, my afternoon home alone, and what do I do? Sit down, look through my Regal catalog (found lots of things I'd like to be able to get) and decide to make chocolate chip cookies. I'm using my niece's recipe. Her's turn out so much better than mine though. Perhaps it's because she beats the margarine and sugar almost to death? Seriously; almost 3 hours to make cookies!!

Not much knitting going on. No energy to do it! I did knit a Barbie poncho using some scrap sock yarn, I'd tell you where the pattern came from, but I can't remember. :) It has 116 sts on the cast on; 4 needles. The picture with the pattern is orange and black yarn.

The shrug hasn't grown any since I first mentioned it. So, that means it has the first 2 increases done.

It's a nice fall day here today. There was ice in the rabbits water dish this morning, and frost on the steps. My flowers are gone :( But, now that means I can take the glads out, and start putting the bulbs in for next spring. Almost sounds like I'm a gardener, doesn't it?? I'm not! I have to get my sister to come and tell me what my plants are, if they are going to flower, or if they are just greenery. And of course I can never remember what she tells me. I put things in, they grow, and I'm happy. :) Katie has her own little flower garden too, she even liked to weed it! (humm....does frost kill of the weeds too??) We're going to be moving her garden though, it sort of got over-run by the trees around it this summer, and couldn't be seen very well.

Well, cookies are ready to come out of the oven. YUMMM How many can I eat before the kids get home from school?

Oh, thank you KnitttGirl for mentioned me in your blog. As soon as I learn how I'm putting a link to you on my blog :) I hope all is well on your side of the country today.


Mary Anne said...


I hope you ate all those chocolate chip cookies. That'll teach your family for annoying you :)


Jennifer said...

"Seriously; almost 3 hours to make cookies!!"

What's wrong with that?
And it's probably closer to two...depends on what I'm on tv as I'm mixing.