Saturday, October 2

What can I say??

The choir was amazing, wonderful, enjoyable, incredible and the list could go on and on and on.

Anyone reading this who lives in/near Halifax should go to see them; they are performing somewhere there tomorrow night.

I took 3 kids, all under the age of 10. The concert started at 8:00 - bedtime for all three kids. (by the way, only 2 were mine!) It lasted for 2 hours. And only once did any of them make a fuss; and then it was Troy. He has special needs, including ADHD, so he can be excused for the little bit of fidgeting he did. I was so impressed with the kids too!

There was the typical choir type music. There was African music. They were standing still, they were dancing, they were being monkeys! (seriously!!) It was worth every single penny of the $15.00 that I spent to go see them!

And on that note I'm going to bed!

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