Saturday, October 2

Why do I do this to myself????

Probably something that wouldn't bother more experienced knitters...but it's driving me crazy!!

What is it? Knitting with 5 needles. Four needles, no problem, I can handle that. But Five?? There are just so many needle ends in the way. Why am I doing this? A friend of mine, Knittgirl over at sent me a pattern for felted coasters, hotmats and wine or pop bottle caps. She knows I have this thing for felting :) So, today, to relax a bit, I decided to start a pop can coaster/coat/cover/cap whatever you want to call it. Yeah, right, relaxing! Try using 8 stitches on a total of 5 needles and see how relaxed you are! :) Thankfully it quickly grew to 32 sts and wasn't quite so bad.

I've finished off another booga bag. This one is for my SIL; she was supposed to pick it up a couple of hours ago. Guess she forgot. Oh well. It'll be here when she comes to get it.

The kids and I are off to see the Nova Scotia Youth Choir tonight. We got to see them rehearse yesterday, and they were good then. The school choir got to go to hear them. After one song all was quite except for one girl saying "WOW". Two of the school choir kids even got to conduct the NSYC; that was a thrill for them. The concert isn't until 8, so they'll be up late tonight. We're taking a young friend with us as well.

And now I'm off to feed them.


Mrs. R said...

You finished that Booga Bag already! Holy fast knitting batman! Have you seen the Sophie bag at It is really cute too.

Dorothy said...

HI there,
It did take me three days in total to do the booga bag. :) I can't do much else in the evenings before the kids go to bed, because they will bug me too much.
I'm heading over to knitty now to check out that bag. A French Market bag has been on my mind too.