Wednesday, October 20

Can't think of a Title!

So, what's new??

The pumpkin I killed was offered to the ponies as a gift. Which I'm starting to assume they didn't like, since they didn't eat any of it, didn't play with it. Silly ponies!! I still have to buy one to replace it, but I'm trying to hold off for a while longer.

I've got lots of knitting on the go. A purse that will be felted when it's done. Not quite the same pattern as the "booga bag" but similar. A pair of socks for my hubby. And a gift for a friend that I can't type about, since that would ruin the surprise :)

Katie is working on some knitting too. It's supposed to be a scarf for Troy for Christmas; good thing we didn't say what year!!

As far as we know now there will be a new member in our family in January. A four legged one. As far as we know we are getting a border collie pup then. I know it's most likely a done deal; but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, just in case. Thus the "as far as we know's" LOL My sister will be getting one too. Should be fun. Been quite a while since I've had to deal with a puppy. But it'll be nice to have a dog around again; I do like them! And, if you know my kids.... DON'T TELL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My MIL is coming to visit for the weekend. She picked a busy one to come! She'll be driving down from Bathurst NB on Friday. The kids don't have school that day, so they'll be home when she gets here. They don't know she's coming though; so that'll be a nice surprise for them. Saturday afternoon is a fun day that our church is having. Saturday night hubby and I are going out to supper (but, we got a baby sitter for free!!). Sunday morning I have to have Katie to the town 45 minutes away at 8:30 am to record a song that might make it onto the Sobeys Christmas CD (she's in the school choir) and Sunday night we have a Bible study group meeting here. I did have a Mary Kay party that I was invited to; but decided I can't go to that. (good thing, can't afford it anyway!)

Supper Sat night is a special one. I'm a member of the fire depts ladies aux. group. This month is our 40th anniversary of the group being in existance. So the firemen are hosting a supper for past and current members. A three course meal (roast beef), catered by someone else - not us!! They have other things planned for the evening, but we don't know what. Quite a nice treat for us ladies. Usually we're the ones working in the kitchen and catering to someone else.

Guess that's it for now; my brain just shut down.

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Mary Anne said...


I promise not to tell the kids! Congrats on the Saturday night dinner and the free babysitting. Opportunities like that don't come along often. Yay for you and Dan. I hope you have a wonderful evening together.