Sunday, October 10

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

What a nice morning it is. I looked out the window first thing and there was an orangish glow to the sky; which made the leaves look just that much more pretty.

It's been busy here the last few days. Yesterday was spent sanding the new floor - still not done!

Today we're off to church, then to my Mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner. All my brothers, sisters and various inlaws and nieces and nephews will be there; so there will be 20+ of us. My brother raises meatkings (big chickens) so we'll be eating a couple of them.

Went to a baby shower last night, and won a prize. A nice fall mug. I'm using it to have my morning coffee in. :) What a lot of nice gifts the mom-to-be got. Other than the ususal soaps and shampoos there were no duplicate gifts. She's so tiny. From the back you wouldn't even know she was pregnant. From the side she looks like she has a small pillow stuffed under her shirt.

I decided that I don't like the shrug I was knitting, so I took it out. Picked up yarn in the city on Friday to do a pair of socks for Troy, so may start them today. It's a red heart yarn in sort of fall colors. Also picked up a couple of balls of yarn for Katie to start trying her knitting again. Her's is a mix of blues and greys. I told her she could knit a scarf for Troy for Christmas with it; and she seemed to like that idea. (now, to see if it really happens!)

Must go and get something to eat with my coffee :)


Mrs. R said...

Happy Turkey Day to you too! Glad to see you got some yarn shopping in on your trip to the city.

Mary Anne said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Dorothy!
It was a cold blustery day yesterday on the West Coast but today is looking a little nicer. Hard to tell yet; it's only 7:30am...