Saturday, October 30

Ahh...time to relax a bit

What a busy day I've had!

Laundry, dishes, crockpot supper, yard sale to go to .... it's been a full one.

I found a camera at the yard sale/flea market I went to. 35mm for $5.00. Hubby says I got a good deal. No battery in it, so the light meter doesn't work; but I can live without that.

The kids are coloring rocks. What fun! We did it last night too. My friend Jan stopped in, and she colored one too; I think she enjoyed it. You find some flat, smooth stones, and heat them in the oven for an hour or so on 300 degrees. Then you melt crayons on them. Once they are cool you polish them with a cloth. The more crayon on them, the better the shine when you polish them. You can try to make pictures, but it's more fun to just let the colors mix and do what they want to do.

Knittgirl has figured out that the secret project I was working on is for her. It's done now; but she won't be getting it for a while yet; gonna be a Christmas present. I've decided that I need to make the same thing for myself. :) My goal now is to make her very curious as to what it is :)

This afternoon I sat down to watch "The Brooke Ellison Story" and knit. I finished off a hat for Troy, and took out and re-finished a hat for Katie. (she'd better like it now; I'm all out of the yarn that I used for it!) I finished the "mystery item". I put the handles on a felted purse, and knit a test swatch with some 100% wool yarn I was given. And I cleaned out my knitting basket a bit. Pretty good accomplishment for 2 hours!

The kids are getting very wound up about Halloween. Pity help me after they have had candy!! I'm sure they are going to drive me crazy tomorrow afternoon!! Troy was outside raking the leaves in his costume this afternoon; I took a picture. Katie was invited to go trick or treating with my niece, but I've decided she'll go with us. I don't like the idea of trying to drive in town to pick Troy up, (he helps my sister hand out her treats while Katie and I go to some houses) with all the kids that will be walking on the street. We'll go in early before they really start going around, and back the truck into my sisters neighbours driveway.

Must go and get something for supper. My tummy just growled at me.


Mary Anne said...

Hey Dorothy,

I'm a good guesser, yes! heehee... ok, now I'm going to bug you until Christmas. What is it? huh? huh? Do I sound like a whiny kid?

You had a splendiferous day, as Winnie the Pooh would say! I hope the kids don't drive you crazy - too much.

Mrs. R said...

Happy Hallowe'en! Hey, that rock painting sounds real cool. I have a bucketful of smooth round rocks from back in the dark ages when I had a little aquarium. Perhaps some crayon painting is in order this rainy, dreary day.