Sunday, October 3

non-sun Sunday

It's a wet, chilly day here. No sun at all. Brrrr.

I frogged the shawl I was knitting with Lionbrands Homespun yarn. I re-cast the stitches on to make it into a shrug. It'll be a Christmas present for my Mom's neighbour - she's an "honourary Aunt". She liked the shrug that I knit for Mom last Christmas.

It's been a long day here. Both kids are getting on my nerves as much as they possibly can. And of course it's raining, so I can't send them outside to play. Grrrr

My sister said she would be over to visit; so they are watching out the window, hoping that each car that goes by is hers. Hopefully she WILL show up sometime! I know she's going to Mom's for supper.

I finished knitting one pop can coaster/hugger thing. Haven't felted it yet. The washing machine has been too busy washing clothes to do any felting today. Maybe tomorrow afternoon? (unless I decide to go yarn shopping)

Two years ago we were in Salt Lake City to a conference on Troys syndrome. Katie spent a lot of her time playing with one little girl while we were there. She decided recently that she'd like to remember that girls name, and maybe be a penpal with her. So we're working on finding out who she was and all that stuff.

Guess I've babbled enough for now.


Mary Anne said...

Hey Dorothy,

that shrug sounds interesting.
What pattern did you use if you don't mind me asking?

Crafty Jacqui said...

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