Wednesday, October 13

I killed a pumpkin

I did, honest!! totally by accident though.
There is a guy up the road from us who sells pumpkins; $3 each, or 2/$5.00. So the kids and I went and got 2 of them.
Had to take a saw back to my brother, so went and did that next. Forgot to close the tailgate of the truck.
Down the road I go, hear a "bump" and there goes a pumpkin rolling down/across the road, and into the ditch. Went and found it. Poor thing, cracked almost in half.
So now we'll have to go and buy another 2 pumpkins (because it's cheaper that way!). I think buying a new one is the only way my daughter will forgive me.
I'm working on a pair of socks for hubby. Started them for our son, but then found out that my Mom is knitting him some socks, so re-started them for hubby. Really hope the yarn (red heart super saver, painted desert is the color) softens up when it is washed. It feels rough right now. I have the cuff done, and about an inch of the leg.
Other than that, not much exciting going on. Couldn't get online for a couple of days - that was bad!! I was having with drawal problems! :)
Happy Day everyone!

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Mrs. R said...

Gasp! You pumpkin killer you! And in front of the children, no less! That's pumpkincide in the second degree, you know. The pumpkin's mate - did it see the whole "accident" too? It must be traumatized, the poor thing. Sheesh.
(What a great post!)