Wednesday, October 27

Knitting Needle Find :)

WooHoo Did I ever hit it good today!

Our local hospital has a second hand goods and clothing store. People who have things they don't want anymore can take them there and drop them off. Same people can shop there for things they do want. I'm known for making a delivery, and then buying more stuff :) Hey, where do they think the stuff I'm dropping off came from in the first place??

It's a great source for kids clothes, because where else can you fill a grocery bag with clothes and only pay $1.00??? No where else that I know of.

So, today I had 4 boxes of stuff to take down to them. My sister had a couple of bags of stuff. So off we go.

First find was a funky pair of red sparkly cowboy hat earrings for my daughter. Just HAD to have them!

My SIL's mother came along about then, and we discovered that she has little balls of yarn at home - perfect, because we need little balls of yarn for finger puppets. She's going to see that SIL gets it and will get it to one of us. (we knit finger puppets for the local hospital and for the children's hospital in the city ... took 4000 to the city this past spring)

Anyway. That's when I saw IT. The container full of knitting needles! Ahhhhhhh A fist full of knitting needles, ranging in size from the tiny size 13 up to the big size 11. (make sense?) Just had to buy them all, even if there were doubles in some of the sizes. My daughter is starting to learn to knit; she's going to need her own needles eventually - right??

So, between the 2 of us we got 4 men's sweaters, the needles, the funky earrings and a book. And spent a whopping $5.00.

Now I need to decide what I want to cast onto the needles next. I've got 2 felted purses done for a craft sale next month (still need to felt one of them). Want to make some more things to try to sell. It's so hard though; because you can't predict what will and what won't sell. And if you can predict that; please let me know what to make!! PLEASE!!

I'm already working on a long cardigan for myself; which I'm not really liking much at this moment and therefore haven't touched in quite a while. Plus a pair of socks for hubby. And that mystery item for my friend :)

One thing I am looking forward to - next month I hope to go to Bridgewater (about an hour away) and learn if the sheeps wool I have here is any good for spinning or not. And if it is, then I'm going to learn to use a drop spindle. I'm excited about that. I know it'll take me forever to spin enough yarn to make anything; but it's the fact that I will know how to do it that is important, right?

Fifteen minutes till the kids get home. Better go get a cup of coffee.

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Mary Anne said...

Wow, what a good day you had Dorothy! I love bargains too. Those cowboy hat earrings sound cool. What is that surprise project you are working on ?????