Wednesday, October 20


Was just outside seeing what the kids are doing. Katie is apparently over the case of "schoolitis" she had this afternoon. And has the temperature ever dropped. Definately cold out there! Not even 5pm and I could see my breath. Brrrrrr

Came in, and decided it was a good day to take the turkey bones out of the freezer and start turning them into turkey soup. Yummmm I even have a package of egg noodles to throw in, so it'll be turkey noodle soup :)

Kids won't like it, but I don't care!!

I think, if the temperatures keep like this, that the kids will freeze on halloween!! Good think they wear costumes they can put heavy clothes on underneath. I can't remember October being this cold when I was a kid. I remember going trick or treating in my brothers black and red checked jacket and being warm enough. Of course, we walked a couple of miles that night, so that's probably what kept me warm! Ahh, the simple costumes we had back then (makes me sound older than my 37 right??) Old pants, brothers jacket and some old mans beard that you ripped off a tree, and voila - an old man costume. Mine kids are going to be a clown and a cat (or a box of free kittens)

We go to a few houses around here, then we go in town to my sisters house and go around the block there. Troy stays with her and helps her hand out her treats. It's so precious to hear all the kids saying "HI Troy" as they come to her door. And he makes sure they each get one treat bag, no more. We live in a rural area; only 10 houses close by, and some of those we have to drive to.

And two posts to my blog in one day. A week off and now I'm really babbling!! :)

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Mary Anne said...

I heard it's supposed to be a cold winter this year Dorothy. You guys must be getting a head start. I like the Halloween remembrances. We used to live in a rural area of Ontario and it was the same - just a few houses and most everyone knew each other. Your turkey soup sounds yummy!