Tuesday, November 2

New use for old CD's

It's Tuesday. Every Tuesday I go to work at the school, then volunteer in the school library for the afternoon. My son's class comes down to the library on Tuesday afternoons :)

The librarians teenaged son usually shows up at the library at some point in the afternoon; waiting for a ride home. He's a tall guy, long hair, doesn't say much. Friendly guy though when he does talk. Well, today he talked. And got me thinking of doing some creating. Curious??

Can't remember how the topic came up, but he told me about making CD coasters. I asked him how to make CD coasters, cause I had an idea in my head; wondering if he knew the same idea. NOPE! His way was to put the CD in a little bit of water in the microwave. Being skeptical like I am I had to check into this more. Rather than call the guy who had told him about doing this, I went online. And YES, you can microwave a CD!! http://www.prairienet.org/~tatwell/cd_burning.html

You put your CD face down on a sheet of paper towel. Microwave it for 3 seconds - no longer. At about 2 seconds you'll see a little fireworks display and here a snap, crackle and a pop; maybe even a sizzle. Open the microwave, and there you have it, a cool coaster. And a stinky microwave. (Don't do this immediately before you plan to use your microwave, it takes a few minutes to air out) Honest! I did it 4 times.

On one CD the face stuff peeled off some. I'm thinking that 2 of them glued together will make a neat suncatcher.

On the knitting front I have another purse almost ready to felt. Just need to knit a few more feet of I cord. That's the last one I'm making for the craft sale. Next I have to start working on some other items for the sale.

OH, Knittgirl.... you're not going to get the info out of me by whining :) If I can ignore my kids whining, I can ignore yours!! I really have to figure out how to put pictures in my blog, so I can show you the beautiful scarf she knit for me!

And now its time to go and get some supper ready for the kids. I've played with the microwave, not to really use it :)

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Mary Anne said...


I hope you remembered to take the CDs out before you cooked your supper, hehe.

Good idea though. I use my old cds for coasters, especially the AOL ones that used to come in the post.