Thursday, November 11

Rememberance Day

I didn't get to go to the service this morning; I had to work. When you're providing meals for an elderly couple, you have to go. Neither of them realized it was Rememberance Day. I did sit quietly for my minute at 11:00.

Katie and I played with Christmas ornaments this afternoon. I have some of the clear glass/plastic ornaments, so we squirted paint inside of them and let it "swirl" around. That process took too long, so I shook them. We're happier with them now. We did 3. We think the rest we will put feathers and Christmas glitter (If I can find some) in.

I got 5 projects cut out on the scroll saw this afternoon; they are ready to be sanded now. Then painted, put together and packed away for a craft sale next weekend. No, it's not quite the last minute yet :) I have more to cut out, but need to find wide enough wood. We have lots of wood around here; but none the width I need.

Now I think it's time to go and knit for a while. My back is feeling a bit sore.

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