Monday, November 8

Whatcha doing?

Don't you hate that question?? People call me and ask me what I'm doing; and I usually say "nothing" or "not much". Who wants to hear that I'm knitting, or doing laundry, or whatever??? Do they really care?

But, just incase you really are interested, here goes :) I've got a cross stitch dolphin on the go; it's for my niece for Christmas ... hopefully I'll get it done in time! I have a pair of half finger gloves that just need the pinky and thumb done on one of them, and it's one Christmas present done. And another pair to do for the brother of the guy who is getting the first pair. I have a pair of socks on the go for hubby. I've got a long cardigan that's been on the go since July, and will be for a long time yet I'm afraid. Perhaps that'll be my major project for after Christmas? I also just started a pair of felted clogs. I joined a "clog along" on a knitting list I belong to. Size 8mm needles!!

Those needles; had to make them myself! I got a 3/8" wooden dowel, cut it into pieces, and sanded the ends like knitting needles. Turned out quite good if I may say so myself. I'm thinking they need to be stained a color and then have a slicker finished put on them; gotta dress them up a bit :)

I'm trying to come up with Christmas gift ideas. I'm not sure what to make (or buy) for folks this year. I do hope to get some wooden items made for a craft sale in a couple of weeks; if they dont' sell then they will be gifts.

And, in a fit of temporary insanity - or at least more insane than usual - I decided that Katie should have some friends come over to make Christmas decoartions. I'm thinking of a wooden Santa doorframe sitter. Gee, glad I went to look at that, forgot I need to get fabric for his beard!! Anyway, that won't happen until after my ornament party on the 26th.

Well, time to go knit some more. Not doing housework today; I'm on strike. More fun to knit anyway!!

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