Thursday, November 18

why do I torture myself???

I have a craft sale to go to on Saturday. I'll be trying to sell stuff my hubby and I have made. Wish me luck!! Wish me luck also in getting the 9 (yes NINE) painted projects that I have on the go on our kitchen table at the moment. Three big snowmen, 2 small snowmen, 3 corner sitting snowmen and a NOEL thing. I really meant to get to work on them sooner, but hubby didn't get the wood for me till last week. Then I had to plane it down to the thickness' that I needed. And then Sunday when I went to start cutting things out the power went out. Same thing on Monday. And Weds! Finally got everything cut out this morning! And I hope to have all the painting done before I go to bed tonight!
Tomorrow morning I go to help set up the tables for the craft sale. It's sponsored by the fire depts ladies aux. group that I'm a member of, so I help with the table set up. Tomorrow night it's back to the fire hall to set up the stuff on the tables. Then Sat 10 - 4 is the sale.

One top of that our Home Hardware store is having an ornament making contest for kids. They have to decorate a paint stirrer to be a Christmas ornament. I don't know what the prize is, but our kids will be trying to win it :) I'll show them pictures of a few painted stir sticks that I found online, then give them a bunch of paint, glue, glitter, feathers, etc. and let them have fun. We'll see what they come up with!

Oh, the power going off so often. Why?? We had a snow storm here on Sun. Well, it really started to snow Sat night. Sunday was rotten weather. Cars off all over the place. Power out throughout most of our end of the province. I think it's still out in some areas. Mind you the kids have been having lots of fun playing in the snow, which is a good thing. (they are sleeping well at night!)

Just remembered I still have a purse to finish off before Saturday too. So much to do, so little time!

And if I stop typing I'll have more time, right???

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Mary Anne said...


good luck with your craft fair on Saturday and good luck to the kids and their ornament contest!
ps: you can send some of that snow my way :)