Thursday, September 30

new furniture...gotta love it!

We just got our new hide-a-bed put in the living room. The old one is going to someone who could use a newer than what they have now sofa. And a new loveseat is coming home as well :)
Yup, it's a big day for us!

On the knitting front; I have a booga bag about half finished. A good episode of CSI tonight will get my needles clicking and my knitting going faster.

Last nights CSI NY did nothing for my clicking speed. It's hard to knit when you are trying to block the view of the rats with your hands. Still get goose bumps thinking about it!

Katie has decided that she is going to learn to knit again. She has 18 sts on a set of 6mm needles. She's knitting a scarf; either for her or for a pony...depends on her mood. Whoever it's for, they had better have a lot of patience waiting, cause it's going to be a long wait!!

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Mary Anne said...

Hey Dorothy,

good for Katie, learning to knit! I'm sure her horse will appreciate it :)