Wednesday, September 29

Stardate .... blah blah blah

I've been thinking about this off and on all day. What to type about? Will people care what I type about? I decided I'd tell you what I'm working on, and a bit about my family.

First, the needles :) I've got a shawl on the go. Using size 10mm needles and Lionbrands Homespun yarn in a blue color. I did a huge rectangle shawl out of this yarn for myself, and just love it! This shawl will either be for my Mother for Christmas, or go to a craft sale in November. That is, if it's done by then.

I also have a pair of thrummed mittens on the go. I've joined the Yarn Harlots thrum-along. You'll find her blog here (mental note to self; learn how to add a list of "blogs to check out" on side screen.) They are red wool, with white wool thrums. I am lucky to know a lady who raises sheep and goats. She has given me many feed bags of their wool, so I have an almost endless supply of thrumms.

I have also been asked by my SIL to knit her a "booga bag" (gee, hope these links are working like they should!) This is also out of red wool. I did one for myself out of red wool, and she liked it. These bags are fun to knit, and everyone should have one!!

Now, the family. There are 4 of us. My hubby, me and our two kids. I'm Dorothy, he's Dan, the kids are Troy and Katie (or Kaitlyn). We also have 2 bunnies, 1 cat and 2 ponies. And I want a puppy. (if anyone has a goodlendoodle they are looking for a home for....I'm your girl!!) We've been checking with the local SPCA's, but haven't found one that we like yet; I'm being fussy!

I do respite work with an elderly couple 3 mornings a week, and work at the local elementary school each lunchtime on the playground. Hubby works for the local cable company. The kids work at getting on my nerves :) Seriously though, Katie is a horse woman extraordinarire (how do you spell that??) in the making. Horses are her thing. She'll try anything on horseback that you ask her to, and some things that she thinks of herself! Troy doesn't ride. He has a special love for playing in the dirt; but, he's a boy, so what else would you expect?? He also has Opitz FG Syndrome, which has lead to many special challenges for us.

OK, guess I've babbled enough for now. This could be addictive, I can tell!!

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