Thursday, December 9

Someone stole my hubby

And I don't want him back. I like this replacement one much better! This one went out and bought (and put up!!) new icicle lights for the house. And it bought new decorations for inside the house. The old hubby was a bit of a scroge about decorations. Would you want the old one back??? I'm more than pleased. It's a Christmas miracle!!!

And, he ordered me the kit to make the peacock shawl for Christmas. Mind you I did have it bookmarked and named "WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS" in our favorites list :)

Now I'm off to decorate, and then do ironing.

Yup, ironing. I decided that the fabric I have stored downstairs in my craft room needed to be washed and ironed. Forgot how much there was. No where near half washed yet; and I have a mountain of ironing ahead of me. Why did I start this? Oh yeah! The new model of hubby also did a "clean sweep" on my craft room.


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