Thursday, December 16

Nine more days!!

Boy, the time is sure flying by!

I've got the thumb of one mitten to finish, and a scarf to knit, and stocking stuffers to pick up, then I'm ready for the "big day". YIPPEE!!!!

My sister made me a fir swag thing for outside today. I need to cut out and paint the wooden stars that are going to go on it, then it's ready to hang outside. I bought some wide gold holey ribbon type stuff to make a big bow to go on it. The kids were soooo impressed that I was able to make a bow :)

I went to a cookie exchange party last night, and came home with a nice variety of cookies for us to nibble on. Ohh those calories taste so nice going down. I do have to make a few cakes though.

It's been a busy week. Tonight is supposed to be our sons school concert, but he's had no desire to take part in it, and I'm not going to put us through the hassle of trying to get him to take part! Some things just aren't worth it! It'll be nice to have the evening to sit at home and relax.

Tomorrow our daughter has a b-day party to go to. I think we are going to rent a couple of movies for the weekend. I have been wanting to see Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas since I first saw a commercial for it.

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