Wednesday, December 8

The Countdown is on!

Yup, that "X days till Christmas countdown" that we all love so much. NOT!

We have a son with Opitz FG Syndrome. He doesn't ask for much. When he does we try to get it for him. Within the last few days he decided what he was going to ask Santa for; a guitar. So, I think he is going to get one. I'm leaning towards the cheap one that Sears sells. Hubby is starting to think perhaps we should spend a bit more. Why bother spending more; Troy has a good track record of wrecking stuff. Maybe he is thinking he (meaning Dan) might try to learn to play it?

I've been battling with our daughter to get her room cleaned up. She's lost her allowance because of it being messy. Poor kid, she finally gets us to agree to give her an allowance, and she hasn't gotten it a single time since then. One week she got caught in a lie to us. Other weeks it's been the messy room to blame.

The schools here are closed today. Over night we got some freezing rain and rain. In some areas the road were a tad slippery at 6 am. But by the time the kids would have been getting on the buses the roads were fine. Katie was supposed to go to a friends house after school today. Instead I dropped her off there when I went to work this morning, and will pick her up at 3:00. On the way to her friends house she said to me "Ummm...why was school closed?". Good question! The wind is picking up a bit now though.

I'm hoping to take the kids to our Save Easy store this evening. Terry Kelly is going to be there as part of his promotional tour for his new Christmas CD that you can only get at Save Easy (at least that's how I understand it). The kids like Terry Kelly. He's been to speak/sing at their school before. Have yet to figure out how I'm going to do it though, we have one truck, and it needs to be in two places at once.

I got new living room curtains today. I picked up a blue triangle thing as a topper for each one. I can't decide if I like the blue thing or not. I have a friend coming up later on to give me her opinion. I think they'll be going back to the store.

Well, I guess I've avoided the dishes for long enough now.

Happy Holidays!

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