Wednesday, November 15

not much to tell

Been a while since I posted - is that really a surprise??

Not much going on here. Been doing some knitting, and some tatting.

I have an Christmas ornament party here Saturday night. Eight ladies invited, each one is to bring 8 ornaments with them for us to exchange. That way you go home with a variety of ornaments. We'll also make an ornament while they are here. I'm giving out tatted snowflakes - not sure what we'll be making yet. I'm thinking of wooden ornaments that we paint.

I knit a little pair of socks for Mary yesterday. They are part of her Christmas present, so don't tell her Jennifer! :) I'll take a picture later on.

Friday night I'm going to a dutch auction. It's at the hall not far up the road from us. In support of the Roseway River 4-H club. I'm the "adult in charge" LOL Have a good supply of items to be "auctioned" off; people are generous. Hopefully they'll be generous with their money that evening as well :) It's the type of auction where each bid on the item costs you a quarter - the more bids you want on it, the more quarters you pay. We'll give a numbered ticket for each bid - sometimes you are just given a number that you need to write down - figure the ticket might be easier to keep track of. Here's hoping it goes well!

Hubbys work van broke down today, so he has to use our truck for work now. Which means I've lost my wheels :(

And can't think of anything else for right now.


Mary Anne said...

you are have been a busy little bee haven't you? The auction sounds like fun and I hope people will participate generously. The tatted snowflakes must be so pretty. I hope Mary doesn't read your blog and find out about the socks :)

Donna said...

The auction sounds like fun! I have never gone to one of those. Good luck and I hope you make lots of money!

Jennifer said...

Have fund at your ornament party tonight! I think it'll soon be time to dig out my little Christmas tree and decorate it.
Hope the auction went well too.

It will be almost a month before I get to see Mary again so I don't think you have to worry about me remembering to tell her about her new socks or not. I think mom might have already let it slip that you were making her a hat though - I'm sure she'll act surprised for you anyway, or at least look cute.
: )

jennifer said...

Oops, have 'fun' not 'fund'.