Wednesday, November 1

To Make Jennifer Happy :)

I'll post something, even though I only have a couple of minutes right now. I'll have to take some pictures of things and hopefully add them later on.

We had another baby shower for Mary Elizabeth - and I forgot to take the camera!! She got a huge Winnie the Pooh gift bag - with nothing in it. The woman who gave it to her is making her a cat quilt - there were pictures of the quilt in progess in the card - and a note telling her to bring the bag down in a couple of weeks to get the quilt. She didn't have enough time to get it finished before ME was born :)

I've been knitting pocketbook slippers - hoping to have a basket of them in the entry way for people to put on when they come to visit. If they want to. Have 5 pair done so far.

No, didn't get Christmas gifts done to go back with MIL. She came down last weekend instead of the weekend of the 11th. Given that extra time I probably could have had something done to send back with her; but 4 days notice - no hope at all!! Oh well, the bus can take them.

We're babysitting a mommy cat and three kittens for the PET projects folks. I'm trying to get the little ones to eat, but they just aren't into it yet. Right now they are shut in their kennel with a dish of watered down soft food; hoping it'll smell soooo good they want to eat it. Mommy cat is locked out of the kennel because she would eat it all on them. This is Little Miss Boots - I think she might be staying with us.

Kids had fun last night. We had 9 kids come to our house. Troy and I went in to help my sister hand out her treats, and he helped take ME around to a few houses. When we left their house they had had 196 kids come by! Troy ususally doesn't care to go trick or treating; maybe to a few houses. He went with Uncle Wayne to a few homes last year. This year the three of them went to a few homes, then later on he asked Uncle to take him to a couple more houses. :)

And that's all my time for now. I'll try to add slipper and kitten pictures later on.

Have a good one!


lexa said...

I had probably 50 kids, give or take. That's the norm for us. My old house was in the prefabs, an area of small houses all close together. They get hit big-time there. I was there for three Halloweens. The first year I had about 175, second 200, and the last year was 224! We had crappy jobs back then, so all I could afford to hand out was suckers and gum, cheap stuff. Now I can make better little treat bags.

Mary Anne said...

Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits to you, Dorothy!!!
196 kids??? wow. We had no kids last night. Everyone goes to the fireworks display or the local mall celebrations.

Donna said...

We cheated and went to the movies in Bridgewater, so we had no trick or treaters! We usually only get a handful and end up with too much candy left over. Glad Troy had fun!

Jennifer said...

Well since you posted for me I guess I should reply. I've just been checking in because your first couple posts in October didn't show up for a while, I wasn't sure if I was missing anything.
: )

I think mom said she ended up with 240. That's good that Troy wanted to go around.

Watching Live @ 5?

Dorothy said...

Yup, watched Live at 5, then the 6:00 news until 6:45.
Then we took Katie's friend home, then went to buy a copy of Steve Murphy's book for hubby's mom and got it signed for her - great Christmas present!

lexa said...

I missed you yet again! I was looking for you in the morning. I didn't see your comment til I got to work this morning. Tim told me your mother's appointment got moved. Sometime our paths will cross!