Friday, February 12

Ravelympics Starting Soon

Yup, it's true ... the Ravelympics are starting. What's that? A lesser known than the real olympics events where you choose a project (or several projects) to complete while the Olynpics are on TV.

I'm knitting the Snow Queen Sweater Coat It will be a gift for our niece Emily for Christmas. Hope she won't read my blog and ruin the surprise ... highly unlikely :)

My plan is to take pictures more often than I do now, and show my progress on here.

The worst part about it ... can't start until the opening ceremony .. which is 10pm my time.

Katie thinks we should have gone to visit with Mary Anne for a couple of days. Some of the events (speed skating??) are happening in her little part of BC. But, you know something ... I wouldn't have gone to watch the events ... too many crowds for me!

Go Canada!!!

So, plan two??? Finish off socks that are in my knitting bag. Why not work on the sweater? The cable on my needle broke!! :( BooHooo Anyone close by who has a 3.75mm 16" (or longer) needle ... please let me borrow it. Oops! 4.5mm, 24" ... not 3.75


Mary Anne said...

come visit with me!

The Snow Queen coat is a lovely design and I can't wait to see yours.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

So, about those pictures... and possibly a new post...