Saturday, February 20

Frustration Level? HIGH

I got the skirt part of the sweater coat all knit, thought it looked big, but thought it had to be right because I had gauge in my swatch. Decreased for the waist ... and it's still big. Huge in fact. Big enough to fit my 13 year old daughter ... way too big for a 2 year old.

So I broke the yarn, left it on the needles and found another pattern to knit.

Cast on a little girls swing coat (too lazy to do the link thing right now) ... got most of the bottom part of that done, and just am not feeling the love for it. It's a cute jacket ... but I'm just not feeling it.

So I'm now knitting finger puppets. Gonna knit as many as I can before the Olympics are over. They're simple, they're fun ... and they're what I feel like doing at the moment.

So much for the Ravelympics. Oh well, maybe in 4 years time.


Donna M said...

Remember, the Ravelympics are supposed to be FUN! If is't not fun, don't do it!

Good luck with your finger puppets.

Mary Anne said...

How frustrating for you, I know the feeling but thank goodness for the finger puppets. As long as you can knit, it's all good.