Wednesday, February 24

Puppets ... we have puppets ...

We have lots and lots of puppets. 792 as of this afternoon.
Sister has more at her house to be added to the box.
I'm enjoying the puppet knitting.

On the news front - on Monday I start a temp full-time job as a PSA (or TA) with a little boy in grade 2. Could be a couple of weeks work, could be a job until June. I'll be working at the elementary school in Lockeport - about a 25-30 minute drive. Looking forward to it!


lexa said...

The good old town of Lockeport -- that's where my mother is from. My two aunts, an uncle, my brother, and several cousins still live there.

Hope it ends up being a job til June for you!

Mary Anne said...

Congratulations Dorothy on the finger puppets and the job!