Saturday, January 2

Snow storm

Second day of the year.
Second snow storm of the year.
YIPPEE 2010 is off to a rip roaring start!!

I've finished the blanket I was knitting. Patons Divine, 5 big cables in it. Will post pictures later - camera is in NB.

Started a pair of socks for myself. Using Fortissima sock yarn my hubby got for me a while ago.

Hubby is in NB for the weekend. He left here yesterday before the snow started, and had good driving all the way there. He went up to be there when his mom came home from ON. Hopes to be able to come home tomorrow - we'll see.

So far we've had 11 inches of snow fall. YUCK!! I'm keeping the steps and deck clean, that's about it. My brother will come up when (if!) the snow ever stops and roads are fit to drive on again, and use his snow blower to clear us out. Such a nice brother :) Maybe he needs a pair of socks???

Hubby bought some yarn for the jacket I want to knit for Emily. Baby blue color he said. That will be my project after my socks are done ... or while I'm working on the socks as a second project?

So, the kids and I are stuck at home. Roads aren't fit to go on, and if they were I wouldn't be going anyway. The truck has no snow tires or extra weight. My sister was nice enough to go to Sobeys and pick up a few things for me. They are outside playing in the snow right now. Good sliding ... too bad we don't have a bigger hill for them.


lexa said...

This snow is ridiculous! I don't have a 4x4 truck any more. The car has snow tires, but right now she's snowed in and couldn't be moved anyways! The plow went by a little while ago and left a bank up past my waist. Hubs was out 7am this morning plowing the driveways and my parents driveway with our 4-wheeler. I hope Pa comes by with the loader from the plant cuz we'll never get the 4-wheeler through those snowplow banks! We've got a snowblower, too. That's mine. :)

Donna M said...

We snowblowed our driveway twice the last 2 days, but at least today we can get out!! That's a lot of snow!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hubby, the kids, and I took turns shoveling to keep our driveway accessable. I'm glad it's been mild lately; enjoying the break from shoveling.
How many balls of the Patons Divine did you use and what size is your blanket? I have some Divine in charcoal that I'm looking to use up but haven't come up with a plan for it yet.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Update soon, please??? :)