Tuesday, February 20



This is a picture I took of our daughter having fun this afternoon.
Doesn't it look like fun?
She and I both like bubbles :)

Monday, February 19

The weekend, day 5

The kids are on day 5 of the weekend. A weekend that started on Weds at lunchtime. They have had 4 whole days of school, and 2 days when they were sent home at lunctime - and the month is half over!

To be fair, they are predicting 20cm of snow for us today.

Really have to take a picture of my recent sock creations to post. Will do that today sometime; I promise!

Had some friends up to watch the Daytona on the big screen last night. I spent the time in the dining area doing some cross stitch, then the grown-ups played hearts. I'm the official "dump on" person when we play hearts - so guess who lost. Me. It was a good evening. The race had no appeal to me at all.

Well, must go figure out what to do with the kids today.

Have a good one!

Just got an email from a friend of mine. Her daughter had some surgery at the IWK in Halifax 2 weeks ago. There is a Ronald MacDonald Room there; fireplace, computers, games and full kitchen. She would like to knit and donate some brightly colored dishcloths to the room. I'm going to knit some for her to take, anyone want to join me?? Cloths or yarn greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

We got the kids on the bus at 8:34 this morning, and shortly after that I took off for my work. One day of work. A long day of work. But, a fun day!

What was I doing? I was delivering flowers for the local flower shop. Started at 9, stopped at 4:30. Surprised a few people, made lots of people happy. Drove a whole lot.

The weatehr turned rotten about mid-morning. Started to snow. Then it was wet snow. Then it got slippery. At one point I couldn't see where I was driving. Now it's raining and very windy. YUCK!

The kids went to school until lunchtime today. Daddy was home with them for the afternoon.
When I got home from working I got my Valentine's gift - he had supper just about ready :) He made a batch of waffles - they were good!

And that's my day in a nutshell :)

Sunday, February 11


This afternoon we went sledding at my Mom's house. 29 people and one dog were there. Fun was had by all. Here's a few pictures.

Baby Mary in the pink. Four months old and out on the hill. Here she is being held by cousin Tabitha, and then on an inner tube with cousin Logan. And yes, they did go down the hill on that thing! Slowest ride Logan took all day. Tabitha chased them the whole way down just to be extra safe. We think she liked it. :)

Here's Troy and Katie on the hill. Katie wore her helmet - which turned out to be a good thing, because she later steered herself into a tree. Silly girl! :)

Look closely at this picture, you'll see Mary's snowsuit just below Logan's elbow - proof that they did go down the hill.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, February 7


Here are Katie's fish. Swordtails and Guppies. She had the tank, and has had goldfish in the past, but they kept dying on her. We had a beta who lived for 2 days. She got the fish for Christmas from Uncle Tom, and they are still alive and healthy :)

The two cute little kittens are Little Miss Boots (Boots) and Joey. They aren't related, but are about the same age. They go on Friday to be spayed and neutered. Boots belongs to Troy, Joey belongs to Katie.

Mary Anne wanted some snow pictures, so these next two are for her. Tiny and Dee in the snow. They found some hay that had been buried by the snow, and were not interested in posing for pictures at this moment.
The last picture is the oak tree in our front yard, with snow on the branches.
Next time I'll try to get some knitting pictures to put up.

Monday, February 5


Friday school was cancelled because a storm was coming - it didn't come.

Today there is lots of snow falling, the roads are slightly messy, and there was school. Mind you they did get out an hour early because of the snow.

I'll post some snow pictures later on.

I did inventory at a local store on the weekend. 17 hours. I went Saturday evening, Sunday and again this morning for a couple of hours. Man there's a lot of stuff in that store to count!!

Today is the first day of the walking challenge. Still want to try to figure out how to keep a tally of steps in the sidebar - but I need to look for something to do what I want rather than just think about it :) By lunch time I was up to roughly 4000 steps - I was doing an "inventory dance" to increase my steps LOL

I'm in the mood to make soup, and would you believe I have no soup making ingredients in the house. I am not a person to just throw some stuff in a pot and make a yummy soup; I have a few standards that I make and that's it. No variation on the theme. What I really want is some of that cabbage soup that is practically calorie free - I like that stuff.

Gee, now I'm hungry!