Thursday, May 26

time to update

Well, we're still a 2 pony family. The one hubby went to see may have been named Traveler, but he certainly wasn't much of a traveller!! He wouldn't get on the trailer. But they tried for a good long time to get him on! Oh well, wasn't meant to be.

It's been raining here for much too long. I'm sure that I noticed my feet were starting to look like ducks feet this morning! And the ponies seem to be trying to learn how to swim.

We put the extendable leash on the puppy, open the door and let him out to "go". This morning he sat on the steps, looked at me as if to say "I'm not going out in that!". It was pouring!

Thankfully we're not getting it as badly as some areas of Nova Scotia are. A couple of hours away the town has been declared in a state of emergency because roads/bridges etc. are washing out. Our mall parking lot is flooded though - is that an emergency??

As long as the power doesn't go out!

Not much knitting going on. I'm working on finger puppets for the children's hospital. We have 3000 of them finished so far, with my sister and niece working on a bunch more of them. I knit 211 of them over the long weekend.

Supposed to be a horse club fun day this Saturday, can't see that happening. But at least I have the cross stitch done and ready for the kids to raffle off! :)

That's it for today.

Monday, May 16

I've got a secret

So, if you're my kids stop reading!! :) Yeah, right, they don't/can't read my blog. And, if you're my hubby - I HAD to tell someone!!

He is on a 3-4 hour trek to go look at a haflinger pony. If he likes what he sees he's bringing "Traveler" home to us. A couple is giving him away because his home is being sold. Everything we've heard about him has been good. So, we might be becoming a 3 pony family. I figure he'll be home around 11 tonight. Here's hoping Star and Tiny will be nice!

I had the day off work today. I have spent all day puttering around the house. Doing loads of laundry, cleaning up our bedroom, making my daughters bed and sweeping her floor. Actually I swept all the floors. I've got two room totally cleaned up and ready for the MIL's visit on Saturday. Five more rooms (6 if you count the laundry room) to go. I think the bathroom will be the one I hate to clean the most!!

Oh, the name Traveler? The man who owns him is a civil war buff, and Traveler was the name of General Lee's horse. And yes, I knew that without having to look it up on the internet ... guess some of my highschool history stuck with me afterall :)

It's a cold, rainy day here today. A day to stay inside and do stuff. Wish it was nicer so I could take the puppy for a walk though. We are lucky; he's a good puppy. He seems to know that on rainy days he can't get outside, and he nicely sleeps a lot. Which is pretty amazing for a border collie from what we've been told.

Katie's riding lessons for tonight are cancelled. I don't have a ride to get to my foodbank volunteer duty tonight, so am "accidently" going to forget about it. And there is no way I'm walking Katie down the road to where her piano lessons are!! Not in this rain!

And now I'm off to do more work.

Saturday, May 14


and it's still cold out there! Well, sort of cold. It was very cold this morning, then the wind died down some, and it warmed up. Good day for drying clothes outside :)

I have two little people that live in this house. They, for some unknown reason, have not been able to stop talking today. Most annoying!! Especially when they don't have anything really important to say.

No knitting happening yet today. I have 3 projects on the go; the peacock feathers shawl, a hooded scarf and finger puppets.

I got a new knitting book a couple of weeks ago; Funky Knitting. The kids school had a book fair, and it was one of the books for sale. It's a Scholastic book. I've knit a tank top for Katie out of it, and the hooded scarf is out of it. A cute little book. I'm on the second pattern, and have made changes to every pattern I've knit so far. Mind you, it is geared to someone who is a beginner knitter.

It was a sad day for a friend of mine today. Her son was killed in an ATV accident on Tuesday (or was it Weds?). Anyway; the funeral was today. His son is in my son's grade. The whole family is in shock still; she says "it's a bad nightmare, and I'm waiting to wake up". Warm thoughts going out to the Nash family today.

Humm ... what's up with the roller ball on my mouse? It's not working. :( It was working a minute ago, now it's not.

I've got chocolate chip/walnut cookies in the oven. They are good! Can you smell them???

Sunday, May 8

OK So I was growled at

for not posting on my blog more often. So here I go, once again, making an attempt to post more often.

Strange things have been going on. Two folks who I used to have contact with on the internet, then lost contact with, and now realize I missed have contacted me in the past week. Thing is I had looked for contact info on one of them; she called me. The other I looked for her beads on eBay, and she emailed me. (I didn't find her beads though) Anyway - happy to know they are both still around!

What's new?? Shoulders have healed since the fall while carrying Flint outside. He is growing like a weed. Learning a few of the basic commands. We really have to get to work on his obedience.

Had a box of raw fleece gifted to me; 60lbs worth. The box was a well packed box that a 25" TV would have come in. Now to wash it all, comb it all, and get myself geared up to learn to use a drop spindle.

Katie has started her riding lessons again for the seasons. I know she is happy about that.

It's Mother's Day. I got plants for the garden, and breakfast was made for me. Hubby asked me what I was going to do today and I told him "as little as I can get away with." Keeping that goal pretty good so far :)

It's raining here today. Rained here yesterday. Rained here last weekend. Long range forecast is rain again next weekend. Notice a disturbing trend here?? I think rain should be limited to the hours of midnight to 5am. But not in the general area of the people who are delivering newpapers - they can have some sort of force field over them to keep them dry. Yes, I've delivered newspapers in the rain - it's NOT FUN!! Anyway, I think we are going to start to mildew soon. Some yards in town are flooded. Our pony corral is flooded.

I'm going to try to teach myself to play guitar and harmonica. No, not both instruments at the same time!!

There, guess that's it for today.