Monday, September 25


A couple of years ago a young girl in our church played a tune on an ocarina. I loved the sound of it. Last year I told my SIL that's what I wanted for Christmas. I got jewelery.
Hubby got home yesterday after being gone for 10 days, and he brought me home one. :) This is where there will eventually be a picture of it. I forgot that he took the camera canoeing with him today. Oh, I'll borrow a picture, since I know where there is a picture of one just like mine. Guess I'll have to try that later, blogger won't let me upload anything. Verne, I'll try again after supper.

Our son had some more seizures last night. Three times in 2 weeks. Sent an email off to his neurologist at 2:30 this morning, heard back from him, called the office, and am going to see him tomorrow. We LOVE our neurologist!! I hope he'll have some wonderful insight for us, and hopefully some answers. I predict a medicine change; just hope it works. These night-time seizures are getting very hard on my nerves!

Saturday, September 23

I hab a code

Sniff sniff. Anyone want it? It's free!!

Not a whole lot going on here this week. Hubby has been in the city working all week, which left me home with the kids.

Cat we were fostering left and went to her new home. Another cat came. This is Missy. A calico girl. Not spayed yet, but will have to be before she is adopted out. She has a sore under her left arm. Her leg had gotten caught in her flea collar, and the skin there wasn't too pleasant. Good news is that at least her previous owners cared enough to put a flea collar on her; unfortunately it was too loose. We are putting medication on it every day, and giving her anti-biotics.

Katie has taken on a project. She has decided to knit scarves and sell them, with half of the profit going to the animal shelter. She bought a ball of yarn last night at Memory Lane in Liverpool, and has about 6" of her first scarf done. I have scarves in my craft sale stash that I will be giving her to sell. I'll post pictures of her scarves as they are finished. $10 each (plus any shipping) if you want one :)

By the end of the month there should be a new baby in the family. Hope all goes well - and quickly!! We're getting tired of waiting, even though we haven't known all that long :) Knowing for 8 months or so would have killed us I'm sure!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 13


Been a while since I posted; it's been busy around here!!

Found out that I'm getting a new niece or nephew the first of October. Sister found out she is expecting - it's a total surprise to them! But a happy surprise! Their daughter is 23.

I've been knitting face/dish clothes. See???

It's hard to see, but in the greens there are two that are just stitch patterns, a dragonfly, a turtle, a fish, a dolphin and a Star Trek symbol. In the beige is a horse (with no tail yet), a house, A NS cloth and a stitch pattern one.

This is a multi-directional scarf I knit using 1 ball of SnowFlake yarn. My Mom asked if I had more; she would have liked a "dickie" made of it. Don't have any more of it, but do have some other yarn I can use - it's so nice when she asks for something specific - makes Christmas easier! :)

And this is what my craft room is looking like right now. That wooden cabinet on the right (in the second picture) is where Katie keeps her craft stuff. The room is messy right now; I was just given some yarn to store, and have been told there is another big bag coming. I'm also sorting out my magazines; which is why they are on the countertop. Plus I've got a pile of craft sale stuff started on the far left hand side. It's nowhere near as bad as it used to be though!!

Final picture for today! This is Geni. She's a long hair calico, about 1 year old. We are fostering her until her "forever home" can be found. She's spayed, very affectionate, a bit of a night owl, and very sweet. If you live close and would like to adopt her, please let me know. Not that we mind having her, but she wakes us up at night - our other cat never sleeps with us.

Have a good one!