Friday, September 17

Barbara asked for an update

but I think it was only because she has updated her blog ... after a long break from it :)

47 days to Toronto, think those are the right numbers. Looking forward to it. Hersheys store at Niagara Falls :)

Been working on a shawl for a friend for Christmas. Knit a pair of socks, have a hat on the go. Have 2 hats to knit, but don't have the colors of yarn that I need for them.

Been doing some "canning". Have made pickled beets, gluten free mustard pickles and salsa sauce. This weekend I'm making spaghetti sauce, and maybe more salsa sauce (if I have enouth tomatoes) The urge has hit ... kinda scarey! Perhaps I should think about making some jam next year?

Two more weekends to 4-H Pro-Show. Looking forward to that. Hope to meet some new friends there. Have a RAK to deliver :) OH yes, I have knit a .... fooled ya ... not going to tell you what it is Barbara!!

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Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hi Dorothy! Boy, do you have my number! LOL Guilty as charged. Looking forward to meeting you!