Wednesday, September 30

time for another update

Not much going on.

Nova Scotia provincial 4-H show (4-H Pro-Show) starts Friday night. I'll be in Bridgewater for the weekend. Should be fun. Katie has to take Chester the chicken with us, she has to do showmanship with her. Plus she has to judge chickens, and judge crafts.

I've been knitting on thrummed mittens, and pink fuzzy scarves. Got a bag of 10 balls of yarn for $5 at WalMart a bit ago. One ball makes one scarf. Was going to give them to the high school to put in their "doing it right" store, but Katie has other plans for 4 of them.

She is hoping to put together a girls team for a local Curl for Cancer event in Nov. There are 3 girls she knows who curl, and she's supposed to be asking them today if they want to form a team. $10 per team member to register, plus they raise donations. Hopefully they'll want to join her. She's asked my sister to be coach/back-up player.

Monday, September 14


Katie turned 13 today.

She woke up to a wall of balloons and streamers in her bedroom door. Outside were 13 metalic fishies, more streamers and balloons. In the horses feed bin were some helium balloons.

Her friend had a sign to put on her locker. Her brother had a card to give her at lunchtime. It was announced on the CKBW birthday list this morning. Hope she had a good day at school.

After supper (pancakes, her request) we are having some friends up for cake.

Then we have to go see my brother, cause it's his birthday too. And then we have to go see my BIL, cause, yup ... his birthday too!

I'm knitting thrummed mittens.

Saturday, September 12

Terry Fox Run

Katie is taking part in a Terry Fox Run at the high school next Friday. If you'd like to sponsor her you can at this site Thank you!!!

Busy busy busy that's my life lately. Tell you about it later.

Have a good one!!