Monday, September 14


Katie turned 13 today.

She woke up to a wall of balloons and streamers in her bedroom door. Outside were 13 metalic fishies, more streamers and balloons. In the horses feed bin were some helium balloons.

Her friend had a sign to put on her locker. Her brother had a card to give her at lunchtime. It was announced on the CKBW birthday list this morning. Hope she had a good day at school.

After supper (pancakes, her request) we are having some friends up for cake.

Then we have to go see my brother, cause it's his birthday too. And then we have to go see my BIL, cause, yup ... his birthday too!

I'm knitting thrummed mittens.


lexa said...

Happy birthday! Popular day in your family, eh? My step-FIL and I have the same b'day, and it's my best friend's father b'day, too.

Mary Anne said...

Happy Birthday, Katie! I hope your day was a great one.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Happy belated Birthday Katie!

Nice new format, Dorothy.